Accessible Financial Advice at Coole Bevis Wealth Management

At Coole Bevis Wealth Management we are dedicated to making our services accessible to all clients. We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in accessing financial advice, especially for those dealing with dementia and other challenges.

Comprehensive meeting options to suit your needs

To accommodate your preferences and needs, we offer various meeting options, including:

  • Face-to-Face Meetings: Available at our offices, in your home, or at your workplace for your convenience.
  • Telephone Meetings: Providing flexibility to discuss your financial planning over the phone.
  • Virtual Meetings: Offering Teams or Zoom meetings for a convenient, face-to-face experience without travel.
  • Accessible Reports: We provide large print or dynamic print reports to ensure clarity and ease of reading.
  • Modern, Accessible Office Facilities

Our modern offices are designed with accessibility in mind. We offer:

  • Visitor Parking: Convenient parking spaces for all visitors.
  • Disabled Access: Easy access to our offices, with all essential facilities on the ground floor.
  • Large Screen Televisions: Available in our meeting rooms to enlarge documents for better visibility.

Trained and Supportive Staff

We are proud to be ‘Dementia Friends,’ with all team members regularly refreshing their training. This commitment ensures we are well-equipped to support our clients and their families effectively. We recognise the challenges of taking the first step in seeking advice and want to alleviate practical difficulties, making access to our services as straightforward as possible.

During Dementia Awareness Week (13th – 19th May), we are emphasising our expertise in assisting vulnerable clients, their families, and carers with financial advice. Our Later Life team specialises in providing practical advice and solutions tailored to the unique needs of those affected by dementia.

Whether you need a face-to-face meeting, a telephone consultation, or a virtual discussion, we are here to support you every step of the way. If you would like to discuss later-life planning further, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01903 534587