Lasting Power of Attorney process goes digital

What is the new ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’ Digital Service?

The recent global pandemic has highlighted just how important online and digital services are. 

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is striving to offer further support to assist people who are helping others to make decisions. They aim to do this by making better use of digital products, services and offering smarter ways of working which will ultimately allow their end-users to reach better outcomes.

One area the OPG is actively modernising is their Lasting Power of Attorney process. Last year they announced their ‘Track my LPA’ service – allowing people to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) online and track the progress of their application. 

Now, the OPG have launched their ‘Use a Lasting Power of Attorney’ service letting donors and attorneys give organisations access to view an online summary of an LPA.

How does it work?

Attorneys and donors can create an online account and, using an activation key, add LPAs to their account. This then provides them with the ability to allow other organisations to view an online summary of the LPA.

Although attorneys and donors can register for the service, the service makes it quicker and easier for attorneys to use an LPA to support the donor.

What are the benefits?

Having to provide a full LPA document to each organisation when needed is time consuming and getting solicitor copies made can be expensive.

The new online service aims to digitalise and streamline the process ultimately saving time, effort and cost. Removing the need for a paper document takes away the risk of it being lost in the post or getting damaged on transit to various providers when needed.

An organisation can simply view a summary of the document online, with prior authorisation, in a secure, easy format.

When will it be available?

With over 4 million registered LPAs, the service will be rolled out gradually with donors and attorneys with LPAs registered from 17 July 2020 being able to use the online service first. The OPG then plans to open this up to LPAs registered earlier in 2020 and some from 2019 but do not have a date for this as yet.

If you would like any advice regarding the new Lasting Power of Attorney Digital Service, please get in touch with our team.