Cash Management Service

Making your business savings work hard. The easy way.

The digitisation of banking services over the last decade has led to a much larger marketplace for savers, allowing them to look beyond the traditional big banks to access more competitive rates. Since 2008, rates for savings have been ultralow – losing value in real terms after the effect of inflation. This was a smaller problem in the low inflation environment that was prevalent 2010-2021. Now we have a much larger differential between the inflation and savings interest rate meaning faster real terms depreciation of capital. The Bank of England has increased the base rate many times of late, resulting in frequent changes to interest rates available on savings accounts. This can make staying on top of your savings seem like a lot of hassle for a small reward, particularly if you keep moving funds between banks, having to satisfy ever more stringent onboarding requirements. That is where Carpenter Box Financial Advisers can help.

Our Cash Management Service is designed to help families, trusts and companies to find some of the best savings’ rates around, year-in, year-out, with a single application. The service can increase the ratio of savings protected under the FSCS, increase interest yield generated and the ease of administration wins back valuable time spent overseeing accounts. Get in touch today to discuss how your cash allocation may be improved.

Read more about our Cash Management Service in our information sheet.

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Information correct as of April 2024.